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Filter Systems for Road Tunnels
In the road tunnel market, CTA International AS specializes in turn-key electrostatic dust precipitation systems. CTA International AS offers a unique filtration technology for the removal of dust particles from polluted air in road tunnels. The CTA Road Tunnel Dust Precipitation System is one of the most efficient systems on the market, especially at high air velocities.

Filter Systems for Industry Application.
CTA uses the same technology as in the tunnel segment for air purification systems in industry. The electrostatic filters are built up in modules and are simple to adapt to the size of an existing building. CTA also supply self-contained filter systems for industry and building ventilation systems.

Installation Service and Maintenance
The CTA electrostatic filter is designed for functionality, long life and also for ease of maintenance. The electrostatic filter cells are made from high quality aluminium and stainless steel for mechanical and electrical stability.

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