To verify and to be able to develop
higher efficiency on our EP-S cells we have contacted experts on measuring efficiency, both by weight and particle count.

These tests have been carried out by experts on the high-voltage area, and give us facts on our progess to maintain our position as a leading global EPS supplier.

For more facts about the efficiency tests please contact us.

Efficiency tests can be found here


Our electrostatic filters are assembled
in modules and are simple to adapt to
the size of existing buildings.

CTA also supplies self-contained filter systems for industry and building
ventilation systems.

In the Strømsås tunnel CTA installed
the largest ceiling mounted axial fan
ever installed in a tunnel.


China Office Set up



     On Sep, 2010, CTA China Office was set up in Beijing and Shanghai. 

    The tunnels are developed quickly in China. In the past 30 years, 7384 tunnels have been built. The total length is exceeding 5122km. While there is no one installed air cleaning system, except one pilot station for world expo in Shanghai. CTA seems China a big potential market for tunnel air purification since people are more and more caring for air quality.

      Our employees in China office are working with designers and customers for early stage study, environment evaluation, products proposal and design consulting. We will keep holding seminars with designers. We would like to receive any inquiry and question from designers, customers and partners.

      Should  you have any question, please contact our business manager in China office: golden@cta.no.

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