To verify and to be able to develop
higher efficiency on our EP-S cells we have contacted experts on measuring efficiency, both by weight and particle count.

These tests have been carried out by experts on the high-voltage area, and give us facts on our progess to maintain our position as a leading global EPS supplier.

For more facts about the efficiency tests please contact us.

Efficiency tests can be found here


Our electrostatic filters are assembled
in modules and are simple to adapt to
the size of existing buildings.

CTA also supplies self-contained filter systems for industry and building
ventilation systems.

In the Strømsås tunnel CTA installed
the largest ceiling mounted axial fan
ever installed in a tunnel.


Presentation on the 6th China Tunnel Summit


   On Mar 29th, 2012, CTA delivered a speech on the 6th China Tunnel Summit. The summit topics comprise: construction experience of super long tunnel, innovative construction technology and case analysis, low carbon energy conservation and sustainable project management solution etc.

    CTA introduced its advanced technology on air treatment for tunnels. The CTA system can remove particles, NOx, CH etc, which attract customers and designers insterests very much. In China, many tunnels are with the problems of high pollution, low visibility. CTA's technology and rich experience can help to improve air quality not only inside tunnels but also exhausted to outside from tunnels.



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