To verify and to be able to develop
higher efficiency on our EP-S cells we have contacted experts on measuring efficiency, both by weight and particle count.

These tests have been carried out by experts on the high-voltage area, and give us facts on our progess to maintain our position as a leading global EPS supplier.

For more facts about the efficiency tests please contact us.

Efficiency tests can be found here


Our electrostatic filters are assembled
in modules and are simple to adapt to
the size of existing buildings.

CTA also supplies self-contained filter systems for industry and building
ventilation systems.

In the Strømsås tunnel CTA installed
the largest ceiling mounted axial fan
ever installed in a tunnel.


CTA Booth Was Interested by Media in Shenzhen Exhibition

14th Oct 2013


    On China Shenzhen International Logistics and Transportation Fair, CTA booth on the exhibition was very interested by medias. This is the first the Air Purification System was introduced formally on exhibition to people in China. CTA introduced its system, features, cases by posters and videos, which attracted many visitors.

Local medias like Guangzhou Evening, South TV, Shenzhen Radio interviewed CTA sales people and asked for detail information about the system. Like other big cities in China, Shenzhen is crowded and has plan to build more tunnels under city. But the exit of tunnel, with heavy polluted air, is always against by residential people nearby. Air Purification System can get the polluted air cleaned and make it even better than which of the surrounding area.


    So that's not surprised that a photo on the booth raised a lot of visitors interest, which is about an air exit from tunnel at the ground level. It's so impressed for the high technology behind and its significance to solve the practical problems nowadays.

    CTA will continue to promote tunnel air purification system around the world, to protect more people's health.



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