Range of products


Scoop of Work / Supply

Scope of Work

The CTA system is delivered and installed on a turnkey basis which includes:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Installation / installation supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up
  • Training of operators

Scope of Supply

Mechanical filter panel incl. frame filter modules:

  • Mechanical filter
  • Each filter has a drain hole in each of the
  • 4 corners of the filter frame
  • Frame filter modules:
    a) V-shaped
    b) Standard
  • Inertial Filter depending on requirements

Electrostatic Precipitator:

  • Electrostatic Precipitator
  • High voltage generators (power pack cabinets)
  • High voltage connection between power packs and filter
  • Fully automated wash system with pipes, spray nozzles and pumps
  • Sub assemblies, heat pump, etc.
  • Framework for filter installation with blank off of the tunnel cross-section not covered by filter using non-corrosive material.

Automation System:

  • Fully automated control system based on PLC technology
  • Control cabinets for EP operation
  • Control cabinets for wash system
  • Potential - free alarm signal for external control system

Main fans:

  • Axial fans with air volume control
  • Silencers
  • Diffusers
  • Vibration dampers
  • Framework and blending off of tunnel cross-section not covered by fans using non-corrosive materials

Automatic Washing System for Mechanical and EP-filters:

  • Detergent supply tank
  • Air to water heat pump for heating the water
  • Main Water pump
  • Detergent pump
  • Internal piping in stainless steel
  • CTA delivers its own produced detergent that is environmentaly friendly.

After the automatic washing of the filters, the dirty water is either conducted to its own sedimentation tank or it can be re-used by using the waste water treatment system.

Optional: Waste Water Treatment System

Depending on local demand for allowable contents of BOD, COD SS and other solids in discharge water, CTA offers a complete waste water treatment system.

Out of Scope:

  • All fixings used to connect items delivered by CTA to those delivered by another supplier
  • Wash water holding tank (Size by CTA)
  • External water supply system
    Internal wash water pipes with valves between wash water holding tank and the electrostatic precipitator automatic wash treatment system
  • Waste water collection tank (Size by CTA)
  • All drain pipes
  • Dry dust collection tank (Size by CTA)
  • All electric cabling incl. trays and cable bridges except high voltage cables between power packs and electrostatic precipitator.

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