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CTA is a subsidiary company of Anderl Group, based in TRONDHEIM city of Norway. For over 20 years CTA has been a world leader in the development and provision of air purification for road tunnel s. Since 1989, CTA has done more than 20 air purification stations in more than 10 tunnels.

Company Mission:
To develop, manufacture and market total systems for control of air pollution in road tunnels.

Products & service:
CTA international specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and installing turnkey electrostatic dust precipitation and gas removing systems. The company offers unique technology for minimizing space requirements in tunnel areas versus high efficiency.

Technology & Expertise
CTA areas of technology and expertise include:

Research & Development
CTA is working on the development of electrostatic filters for new areas of application in cooperation with other system suppliers. The company has projects in these areas in regards to gas cleaning in Spain and for filters for allergic or asthmatic people in Austria. In addition, CTA also cooperates with universities to evaluate improvements, and develop part of our R&D.

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