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Technical Specifications

Mechanical Filter / Prefilter (Passive)
Electrostatic Precipitator
Main Filter Fans
Automatic Wash System
Waste Water Treatment System
Automation System / Power Supply

Mechanical Filter / Prefilter (Passive)

Efficiency up to 90% in particle size 3µ-300µ
Filter medium Knitted Stainless steel threads ø 0,25 mm.
Material frame Stainless steel
Prefilter module size 600mm x 600mm x 50mm
Prefilter cell weight 3 kg / each module
Capacity of cell unit 1,4 m3/s
Pressure Loss 100 Pa when clean, 150 Pa when ready for wash

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Electrostatic Precipitator

Air velocity through EP 7-12 m/s
Capacity of cell unit 3,7 - 6,25 m3/s
Dimention of cell unit 854 mm x 610 mm x 580 mm
Weight of cell 82 Kg
Applied voltage for Ionizer/Collector Collecting voltage variable 12-20 kV ionizing voltage
PLC based control cabinet incorporated in the main control cabinet One
High-Voltage cable Pirelli production
Collecting efficiency 90 - 96% 0,3 - 10 µ
Material of Collector/Ionizer

Collector plate: Aluminium
Ionizer: Laser cut stainless steel

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Main Filter Fans

Type Axial fans, Frame mounted
Propellers Material according to working environment
Housing Normally painted mild steel
Pressure Drop Depending on installation
Capacity Control Three different systems can be offered:
a) fixed capacity
b) variable pitch blade control by hydraulic unit
c) variable RPM by frequency converter
Enclosure IP 55
Insulation Class F

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Automatic Wash System

The wash system for the electrostatic precipitator is offered in two different systems according to clients request.

a) Fixed wash system: simple maintenance
b) Oscillating wash system: water and detergent saving

Main water pump: Capacity depending on installation
Detergent pump: Capacity depending on installation
Pressure tank: Capacity depending on installation
Heat Pump: Capacity depending on installation

An energy saving air to water heat pump system is supplied for heating of the wash water.

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Waste Water Treatment System

The unit is fully automatic with a semi-automatic cleaning procedure.
All controlled by built-in PLC in the control panel.

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Automation System / Power Supply

CTA delivers power supply cabinets for the application and one main control cabinet. The main control cabinet includes a PLC for all system functions. CTA uses a PLC from the Norwegian Satema AS. Satema's automation systems are simple to use, minimise energy costs and are flexible. This enables CTA to customize the automation system to the individual needs of the end-user.

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